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Coinstar, LLC (formerly Outerwall, Inc.) is an American company operating coin-cashing machines. On September 27, 2016, Apollo Global Management, LLC acquired Outerwall, Inc. for $52.00 per share in cash. After the acquisition, former components of Outerwall, Redbox, Coinstar, and ecoATM (which includes Gazelle) became separate business entities.


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Field Technician (Former Employee) says

"This company is a complete joke. They are poisonous and paranoid of and to their employees. They have no direction as an organization and are very slow to adapt to changing markets and customer needs. Cons: Paranoid, horrible pay, treat people like objects, sub par benefits."

Technician (Former Employee) says

"Had good benefits but after the sale to an investment company, it all went downhill from there. Not a good place to work now. They are only out for the bottom line so they can sell the company. Cons: Bad environment benefits going down hill, management is only looking at the bottom line and not wanting to help the employees at all!!"

Technician (Former Employee) says

"The company underwent a change of management or ownership. Many employees were surplussed. Someone took all keys for the machines and dumped into a box. Need I say anything more. Cons: Very bad at the end"

Field 'Engineer' (Former Employee) says

"Was a good little job a decade ago, but you would never call it an 'engineer' or even a 'technician' job - a school leaver could easily maintain a kiosk as it is a simple little box of nuts and bolts and not very sophisticated at all. Do not work here if you have a brain or any bit of intelligence because it will break you. The management are incompetent, and the only way to get promotion (in the UK anyway) is by becoming a serial 'brown noser'. Management positions are not based on intelligence, experience, common sense or in some cases the ability to string a sentence together. The company claim to be 'moral' and have 'values' - trust me they have neither. The morale within the company is rock bottom, and I don't expect them to last another 3 years within the UK. Coinstar have way outlived their novelty factor and people are switching to better ways of changing their coins - such as banks, as most now have machines which are free to use, and give you all your money back. Cons: Boring, useless managment, company 'values' and 'policies'"

Field service (Former Employee) says

"Management and boss's were horrible to work for. Expected more then you could really do and would never pay you to work overtime. Would recommend finding a different company to work for."

Field Engineer (Former Employee) says

"I have to wholeheartedly agree with the review of "Good to start, then bad, then worse, then awful". The District Manager would be out of his depth in a car park puddle and the UK operations manager has got the morales of a drug dealer. I also wasn't happy about how they were underhand about ripping customers off and expected everyone to go along with it. Company values...what a joke. Cons: Lacklustre, back-stabbing, incompetent management. Long hours, huge areas to cover. Culture of distrust. Ridiculously poor management (worth saying twice...)"

Field Tech/Pickup (Former Employee) says

"Started out good, then they slowly widdled away everything that made it good, from getting rid of advacement positions and bonuses, to letting go of all long term employees in favor of a lower paid position. Their only core value is Money, not people, not their employees, not their customers or partners. Just Money Cons: Short term employment, no chance of advancement, max of 3% increase a year. No bonuses and shrinking health care. They expect alot for very little."

Field Technician Floater (Former Employee) says

"I worked for Coinstar as a field service technician from 07 to 2011 it was great I traveled nationwide from 07 to 09 and was laid off along with many many other long term veterans that had been there 10 years plus. No job security and they overwork you. Management was reconstructed at headquarters back in 2009 and since then it has been a mess. Bad management and cheap wages to new employees. Cons: bad wages no job security and they micro manage you"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Management lacks the ability to make strategic decisions. The Company promotes based on personal relationships. Anyone that questions why things are done a certain way will eventually be fired or have their job eliminated. The corporate offices have had 3 layoffs in the past 12 months. Employees that do no more than follow orders do well within the organization. The is a lot of political game play at corporate. Only join Coinstar if you really need the paycheck and you are ready to twilight your career. You will learn no new skills while in this organization. The exception being how to deal with incompetence and frustration. Cons: too many to list"

Transport Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Very physically demanding. If you don't mind tearing your body apart on the job this is a good fit for you. Never had a raise. Starting salary was very low for what is expected of you. Hours are long and very exhausting. No career advancement unless you are willing to relocate. No one to help you when you need it. Cons: Low pay, a lot of overtime in summer, physically demanding, no career advancement"

Field Tech II (Current Employee) says

"It used to be a great place to work now they only care for is the revenue and micro managing. They stopped caring for the employees and don't promote from within. Cons: no advancement"

Material Handler (Former Employee) says

"Coinstar is a calling card distribution center and seems to have less and less orders leaving employees without job security"

Confidential (Former Employee) says

"Coinstar has been redesigned to be a place for a short sell and worker bees just executing for the executive team. The company has lost its community culture and it was the people that brought me to work each day and now everyone is exhausted."

Field Technician (Former Employee) says

"Coinstar is without question the most demanding, and difficult job I have ever had. The pay and benefits package was pretty good, no question there, however what they expect from an individual is brutal, and quite frankly ridiculous. The responsibilities they place on you is way more than what one person can physically do. When they tell you that you basically have carte blanche with overtime, while every single other person within your district must ask for OT prior to taking it, then you know that you have it harder than everyone else. I lasted over six years with the company, which was way longer than any other technician before me, in this marketplace. This position is geared for a young, and extremely energetic individual. Cons: work load"

Field Technician Floater (Former Employee) says

"as a field service technician you work out of your house and also travel out of state from time to time to assist in other areas for installs repairs and leave of absence needed for other technicians Cons: no job security all veterans of more than 5 yrs are let go"

Merchandising, Sales (Former Employee) says

"dont really have a review, it was a job, thats about it. Cons: pressure to force people to gamble more"

Field Service Technician (Former Employee) says

"For the most part, I really enjoyed my time at Coinstar. I looked forward to going to work every day. The downside was my interaction with management. I had one of the busier areas in the country but I was expected to have the same numbers as areas with a third of the volume. No consideration or help was given to help meet my numbers. It seemed like if my manager wanted me gone, he was able to work it out that I was not able to meet my numbers. Cons: Manager has too much control on how efficient your area could work"

Field Engineer (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed my time working for a certain extent. They do a lot of talk about "giving back" and how the really care about the individual workers. Unfortunately, after some time working there, I realize that it was just "lip service". I am not sure what they look for in their field management, but in my 3 years we had 3 different managers. All of which caused trouble while there before being let go. Maybe you will have a different experience? I hope so. The company had the potential of being a career instead of being "just another job". Cons: poor leadership on all levels"

Field Service Technician (Former Employee) says

"Long work day's but satisfactory for personable growth. Co-worker were great to work with management is what management is ? Cons: n/a"

Transport Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Wish there were room for advancement in this company. I can't even make a latteral move (not that I would want to), unless I was willing to relocate. Communication between managers and field workers seems to get lost in translation. If you are a tough individual who is willing to do a lot of physical work this is an amazing job The driving portion of the job is spectacular.But truthfully I am looking for a career... not just a job." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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